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Hubble's Cosmic Journey

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The Girl who talked to Dolphins.

The Irish Times 'Superb'

The Spectator 'Astonishing...lives up to its own hype!'

The Telegraph '..exquisite, intelligent, superb..'

The Daily Mail 'One of the most amazing documentaries I've seen.'

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The Fantastic Mr Feynman, BBC TWO

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First Orbit



In the Shadow of the Moon

'...something thrilling and moving in this documentary..."  The Guardian.

"...a nostalgic and inspiring cinematic experience that provides unparalleled perspective on the fragile

state of our planet."  David Courier, Sundance 2007.

"...emotional, intense and sometimes profound."  William Booth, Washington Post, Jan 2007

"....a feel-good flick.....a surprising Rocky-like vibe." Jason Silverman, Wired, Jan 2007

" awe-inspiring film about an unbelievable accomplishment..."  James Israel,Greencine, Jan 2007

".. this compelling and visually stunning meditation on the historic Apollo space program."   New York

Times, Jan 2007

"In The Shadow of the Moon" had audiences swooning over its collection of inspiring first-person accounts

from astronauts involved in the Apollo space missions.   Sarah Keenlyside,Indiewire, April 2007

"...we get to know the men of Apollo pretty well, at least in as much as you can get to know someone who

talks to you passionately, and exclusively, about something they care very deeply about."  Matt, 

BlogTo, April 2007


Moon Machines

Apple's Jony Ive, in the New Yorker. (Not quite a review but a nice mention of the award winning series).


Space Odyssey - voyage to the planets - "a compelling look at how humans might explore the planets..."

 "Terrific..." JW in The Guardian Guide

"Mixing drama and science... it's gripping stuff..."  TV Quick

 the zone - "highly reminiscent of its near namesake, 2001: A Space Odyssey"

cosmos magazine - "The user's guidebook to the solar system is not yet written but, until it is, this

will do very nicely." - "simply the best." "on par with Apollo 13 in terms of cinematic quality"


The Planets

"Well researched, carefully crafted and engaging ...great graphics, good interviews and of course,

fabulous archive... those who watch will revel in it and remember it."

Broadcast, May 1999


"a glorious series" The Guardian


"One of those exhilarating pieces of television which takes the viewer from the sofa to the far reaches

of contemporary science" 

James Walton, The Daily Telegraph, May 1999


"Astropysics has never been so beautiful" 

The Mail on Sunday, April 1999


"Viewers who haven't been tempted by this series have been missing a treat. Authoritative without being

over-familiar, constantly surprising without resorting to sensationalism, it has made space exploration

seem fresh and important again."   

The Independent, June 1999.


"Fascinating stuff"

The Sun, April 1999



The Daily Mail, April 1999


"It made me wish I'd been better at Physics"

Matthew Bond, The Daily Telegraph, May 1999


"Science Made Real"

The Express, May 1999


"A model documentary..."

The Times, June 1999


"As ever, the images are spectacular,  the verbals workmanlike"

The Times, June 1999



The Evening Standard, June 1999


"This series puts the gee-whiz back into space for the first time since Apollo... the greatest show off


Andrew Billen, The New Statesman, May 1999


"Intelligent, mind expanding, packed with interest and visually impressive.  It deserves High praise."

Nigel Andrew, The Daily Mail, June 1999


"A series which 'goes from strength to strength'"

James Watson, The Daily Telegraph, June 1999


"The Planets script analyses scientific datawith a poets eye" 

Harriet Lane, The Observer, May 1999


"as a series it cannot be faulted" 

Radio Times May 1999



"well constructed and cleverly paced"

Matthew Bond -The Daily Telegraph


"Compulsory Viewing"

Financial Times, April 1999