15th December

Riley's new short film film - a collaboration with with Icelandic composer Úlfur Eldjárn is released to

mark British Astronaut Tim Peake's first orbit of the Earth - premiering at London's Science Museum.

Watch it on Vimeo and YouTube.


13th November

The Fear of 13 is released across the UK, and wins the Politiken Audience Award at Copenhagen's festival

of documentary cinema CPH:DOX.


11th November

Join Riley for a Q&A screening of "The Fear of 13" at the Curzon Bloomsbury at 7.30pm.


2nd November

Grierson Judges highly commend Riley's doc "The Girl who talked to Dolphins" as 'an original and

entertaining film which had a lot to say about the scientific method...presented with great sensitivity

and love'. 


31st October

Riley launches his new Facebook campaign on Sky News for a final message to be sent to the Voyagers.


29th October

Riley's biopic of Richard Feynman hits Netflix

Read a review of "The Fantastic Mr Feynman" here.


18th October

The Fear of 13 to receive it's US Premiere in New York at DOC NYC


16th October

The Fear of 13 to play the CPH DOX in Copenhagen.


10th October

Riley's new film 'The Fear of 13' premieres at the London Film Festival.


8th October

Riley calls for a final message to be sent to the Voyager


7th October

Trailer for "The Fear of 13" released today. 


6th October

Riley launches his new book on the Voyager Missions - at the Encounters Festival in Scotland.


4th October

Riley is collaborating with composer 

Úlfur Eldjárn's on a new music video for his song - “Poyekhali!” - the first track on his new album "The

Aristókrasía Project" which will be performed in Iceland against a backdrop of scenes from the film

"First Orbit".


15th September

Riley's doc "The Girl who talked to Dolphins" is nominated for a Grierson Award


4th September

Tickets go on sale for Riley's Encounters Festival talk next month, in Lanarkshire  


3rd September

Tickets go on sale for Riley's "In the Shadow of the Moon" talk next month at the Winchester Science Centre.


2nd September

Riley's new four part series "Survival in the Skies" coming to MIPCOM.


1st September

Riley's latest feature doc "The Fear of 13" to premiere at the 2015 London Film Festival.


16th July

Riley's 2015 Nat Geo doc Hubble's Cosmic Journey nominated for an Emmy.


13th July

Riley talks to UK Space Agency CEO David Parker for Space News.


June 2015

Riley collaborates with 59Productions on their film for Global Citizen & Richard Curtis' Project Everyone

called "Home"


12th May 2015

Pre-order Riley's new book on the incredible Voyager Missions at Amazon


12th May 2015

Another chance to see Riley's BAFTA and RTS nominated film 'The Girl who talked to Dolphins' on BBC FOUR 


5th May 2015

Riley's Nat Geo doc Hubble's Cosmic Journey released on DVD.


20th April 2015

Riley's new film "Hubble's Cosmic Journey" airs across National Geographic Channel's global network.


12th April 2015

Riley's guest reporter spot broadcast on the Sky at Night, BBC FOUR.


4th April 2015

Channel 4's End of the World Night featuring Chris Riley, discussing the science behind some of

Hollywood's apocalyptic blockbusters.


20th March 2015

Riley is in the Faroe islands for the BBC's coverage of the Total Solar Eclipse on Stargazing Live.


2nd March 2015

National Geographic releases sneak peaks of Riley's new film Hubble's Cosmic Journey:

Building Hubble

The Rescue Mission


25th February 2015

Riley's 2014 BBC film 'The Girl who talked to Dolphins' - nominated for an RTS award


18th February 2015

Riley's new short film for Vodafone's #firsts campaign released. Watch it on YouTube here and on Facebook here.


21st January 2015

National Geographic Channels announce Christopher Riley as director of their new film on Hubble, for the

telescope's 25th anniversary. Press release here




3rd December

US premiere of Riley's acclaimed biopic of Neil Armstrong - 'First Man on the Moon' on PBS NOVA


23rd October

Riley's film 'The Girl who talked to Dolphins', nominated for a BAFTA.



Moonwalk One showcased in new Land Rover/Virgin Galactic - dawn of a new partnership commercial.  


20th July

Moonwalk One - the director's cut - released in France for 45th anniversary of Apollo 11.

France TV report

Le Monde


17th June

Network premiere of 'The Girl who talked to Dolphins' at 9pm on BBC FOUR


11th June

World premiere of my new film for the BBC'The Girl who talked to Dolphins', at the 2014 Sheffield International Documentary Festival. Watch more clips on the BBC's YouTube Channel.


22nd April

Listen to my BBC Radio 4 documentary on the new land grab for the Moon. 


11th April

Special screening of First Orbit at Life on Mars an event at 3Space in London. 


8th April

Reflecting on the implications for global collaborations, following events in the Ukraine, with the Youth Information Agency.


4th April

Working with Egypt's Famelab finalists near the Red Sea.


3rd April

Reflecting on the spiritual gifts of our exploration beyond the Earth, as part of theUniversity of Kingston's Lent talks.


9th March

Celebrating Yuri Gagarin's 80th with Russian Today.


9th February

My 2011 film Space Shuttle: the final mission airs on BBC FOUR.


28th January

Read my biography of pioneering female physicist Joan Feynman


20th January

Talking about ESA's Rosetta mission withTarek Bazley on Aljazeera.


6th January

Starting to edit my new film on John Lilly and The Dolphin House, with the great Fergal McGrath





20th December

Recording my new documentary on the Moonfor BBC Radio 4 in London with Sue Nelson.


5th December

The World Congress of Science and Factual Producers in Montreal celebrates my Feynman biography.


2nd December

Principle photography on my new film for the BBC 'The Girl who talked to Dolphins' - begins in the US with DOP Matt Pinder.


28th November

BBC WorldService interview about comet Ison.


27th November

Presentation to UK Sport's World Class Performance Conference 2013, on the lessons learnt from our exploration beyond Earth. 


21st November 2013

Join my Kickstarter campaign to make our new animated web series 'The Apollo Fact Files', for YouTube.  


16th November 2013

My Feynman doc airs on the Science Channel in the US - called Feynman: The Challenger.


7th November

First Orbit crosses 5 million channel views onYouTube 


6th November.

My short film 'The Road' hits 50,000 downloads on Vimeo.


18th October 2013

Unique screening of 'Apollo Raw and Uncut' atFrequency 2013 - Lincoln's Digital Culture Festival. 

15th October 2013
My new biography of Joan Feynman, is out forAda Lovelace Day.

11th October 2013
Mon Dieu released to mark the 50th anniversary of the death of Edith Piaf. Staring the brilliant Lorraine Brunning, and directed by the equally brilliant Rufus Stone.

10th October 2013
Watch my new short film The Road made over three years, using over 4500 photographs taken on a bike ride from London to Bangkok. 

3rd-22nd October 2013
Microwave new media arts festival in Hong Kong screening of First Orbit.

September 2013
Wonderful screening of 'In the Shadow of the Moon' in Kaunas at the Lithuanian Science Festival 'Spaceship Earth'

Reflecting on Voyager 1's exit of the heliosphere with the BBC's Jonathan Amos, and on the BBC World Service show Newsday.


June 2013



Fun morning with the RegentTweet folks at the Apple Store in Regent Street giving a talk on how the twists and turns of the 20th century brought us our social media technology of today.



Great reception for our new film 'Fear of Thirteen' screened, as a work in progress, at this year's Sheffield Doc Festival.


May 2013


Stephen Fry adds his praise for 'The Fantastic Mr Feynman' on twitter. "Richard Feynman documentary on BBC TWO Utter Bliss"



Review of my film 'The Fantastic Mr Feynman' in the Telegraph.



I reflect on astronaut Chris Hadfield's impact on the world, on AlJazeera



'The Fantastic Mr Feynman' trends higher than 'BAFTAs' on Twitter!  



I joined the marvellous Robin Ince at the Bloomsbury Theatre to celebrate what would have been Feynman's 95th birthday to preview some clips from my new biopic of Feynman. Read physicist John Butterworth's account of the day in the Guardian.



The great Philip Sheppard - composer on my film 'The Fantastic Mr Feynman' previews some of his wonderful tracks.



Read my article Richard Feynman: Life, the universe and everything in today's Telegraph.




Come to my lecture on the Apollo Lunar Rover at the British Interplanetary Society, in London. 




Come to my talk on structuring stories at BBC Bristol. 




My latest book for Haynes - Lunar Rover - an owner's workshop manual is released to mark the final drive of the rover on the Moon. 

Producer/Director - Neil Armstrong - first man on the Moon, Darlow Smithson, BBC TWO. 

Writer & Presenter, For All Mankind, BBC Radio 4.

Author, Apollo 40 years on - how the moon missions changed the world for ever, Observer. 

Author, Apollo Lunar Rover Manual, Haynes

Author, Voyager - the space explorers that are still boldly going to the stars, Observer. 

Guest Speaker, Gravity Fields festival, Grantham. 

Guest Speaker, 21st birthday science communication conference, Imperial College

Consultant, The Bank.

Producer/Director - Voyager - to the final frontier, BBC Scotland. 

Consultant, Regent Street Social Summer, Sister. 

Judge, Turin Test 2012.

Guest Speaker, Regent Tweet, Apple Store 

First AD, Mon Dieu, short film featuring Edith Piaf

Producer, Additive Manufacturing Series, University of Sheffield. 

Famelab coach, Lithuania, British Council  

Guest speaker, the UK launch of the film Iron Sky

Famelab coach, Cyprus, British Council 

Tutor, Story Workshop, University of Sheffield. 

Science consultant, ITV Factual. 

Author, Words of Captain Scott, 100 years of hindsight. Welcome Trust 

Communications Consultant, Department of Geography, Kings College, University of London. 

Producer, First Orbit Multi-language BluRay and DVD



Sponsor, The Space Shuttle, 30 Years of Space Flight, London Science Festival, 26-10-2011 

Principal Author, First Orbit - a new film of Yuri Gagarin's Flight, 62nd International Astronautical Congress, 04-10-2011

Invited Speaker, 322 out of space, Dolny Kubin, Slovakia, 02-10-2011 Contributor, BBC 1 o'clock news, six tonne satellite tumbling to earth, 22-09-2011

Contributor, BBC Radio 5 Live Breakfast, Concerns for ISS after loss of supply ship, 25-08-2011

Contributor, BBC 10 o'clock news, Russian Progress space freighter lost, 24-08-2011

Producer - Space Shuttle: The Final Mission, BBC TWO, 11th July 2011

Contributing Author, Gagarin in BritainCornerhouse, July 2011

Author, Space Shuttle: An open letter to President Obama, Guardian, 07-07-2011

Science Consultant, James May's Things You Need to Know....about the Universe, 1 x 30 minute series for BBC TWO, June 2011

Invited speaker - The Cheltenham Science Festival, The Making of First Orbit, June 11th 2011.

Guest - BBC Radio 4 - The Infinite Monkey Cage. 'So you want to be an astronaut'.  Download the podcast from the 13th June 2011 here.  


Invited speaker - The British Interplanetary Society, The Making of First Orbit, June 8th 2011

Invited speaker - Manchester's Waterside Arts Centre, The Making of First Orbit, May 23rd 2011

Invited speaker - London Science Museum Lates, The Making of First Orbit, April 2011

Producer / Director - First Orbit, April 201

Invited speaker - The IET, The Making of First Orbit, April 2011

Associate Producer, Destination Titan, BBC FOUR April 2011

The Gift of Apollo, UCL - Apex talk, London, 17th February 2011

The Forgotten Films of Apollo, Astrofest, London, 5th February 2011

Cone Crater, a new video installation piece to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Apollo 14 - a collaboration with the creative science agencysuper/collider which open at The Book Club, London, January 31st 2011 as part of Apollo's End.

Guest Speaker, Apollo's EndThe Book Club, London, 31st January 2011



Guest Speaker, Apollo - the 400,000 - Kingston University, Surrey, October 20th 2010

Guest Speaker, Apollo - the 400,000 - Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre, UCL, London, October 15th 2010

Guest Speaker, Brian Eno's Apollo, Birmingham Town Hall, October 9th 2010

Panel Member, Mars Symposium / 'Mission to Mars' play, Unlimited Theatre Company, Polka Theatre, October 8th 2010.

Guest - Pulse Project Podcast, September 2010

Contributor, The Sky at Night Magazine, Who is the Greatest Astronaut? July 2010

Author, The Guardian, Sound restoried to mission control film shot during Apollo 11... July 20th 2010

Invited Speaker, British Interplanetary Society, London, Apollo - the 400,000 June 9th 2010

Consultant Producer, 'Walking on Other Worlds' (W/T), Imax Film, Smithsonian, Jeffrey Marvin & Associates, 2010

Executive Producer, 'Dust', Stylus Films and The Attic Room, Premier Edinburgh Film Festival 2010

Guest director, HSBC Events - The Rocket Science Group, HSBC UK, January-May 2010

Invited Speaker, Cinephilia West, London, "In the Shadow of the Moon", screening, March 18th, 2010

Invited Speaker, Wallington Grammar School, London, "Apollo - the 400,000", March 17th, 2010

Judge, Debating Matters South East Regional Final, Salomons, Canterbury Christ Church University, Feb 2010

Curator's Talk: NASA Archive 1966-1972, Canadian Centre for Architecture, Main Galleries, Montreal, 18th Feb 2010

Interview in Astrobiology Magazine , The Shoulder's of Giants - January 2010

Science Advisor, W/T Outcasts, Kudos, BBC One

Executive Producer, 'Destination Titan', Stephen Slater Productions & 483media, The Open University.

Producer, The1second Film, for the Collaboration Foundation.



Tutor, The Thomson Foundation, Science Documentary Workshop, China, December 2009

Tutor, The Thomson Foundation & twofour54, An introduction to documentary production, Abu Dhabi, December 2009

Curator, Intermission: Films From a Heroic Future, Canadian Centre for Architecture, November 2009

Reporter, Inside Out, BBC 1, 16th November 2009

Invited speaker, NC3R workshop, 11th November 2009.

Invited Speaker, The Institute of Ideas, Battle of Ideas, A Space Age Future?, London, Sunday 1st November, 2009

Studio Guest, Today, BBC Radio 4, Launch of NASA's new rocket - the Ares 1-X, 27th October 2009

Invited Speaker, Battle of Ideas, Science on Screen - not testing enough, Shortwave Cinema, London 26th October 2009

Invited Speaker, Milton Keynes Science Festival, Moon Day, Open University, 24th October 2009

Studio Guest, BBC Newsround, Rollout of NASA's new rocket - the Ares 1-X, 20th October 2009

Guest director, Business TV - The Rocket Science Group, HSBC CEO speaks to the bank, September 2009

Invited Speaker, The 2009 British Science Festival, Guildford, Apollo at 40, Electric Theatre, 7th September 2009

Sofa Guest, GMTV, The Perseid Meteors, ITV, 12th August 2009

Invited Speaker, The Big Chill, BFI film tent, screening of In the Shadow of the Moon, 8th August 2009

Archive Consultant - Big, Bigger, Biggest. Channel 5, Windfall Films, July-August 2009

Invited Speaker, The Science Musuem Space Lates, London, Stand up talk by the Apollo Command & Lunar Module exhibits, 29th July 2009

Sofa Guest, GMTV, Space Tourism, ITV, 28th July 2009

Invited Speaker, University of Aberdeen, Apollo - the 400,000, 28th July 2009

Sofa Guest, GMTV, Apollo at 40, ITV, 20th July 2009

Host, Moonwalk One - the director's cut, TV Network Premier, Discovery Channel UK, July 20th 2009

Invited Speaker, British National Space Centre, Apollo - the 400,000, 20th July 2009

Video Installation Artist - Apollo Raw and Uncut, The London Science Museum, July-August 2009

Host, World Premier of Moonwalk One - The Director's Cut, British Film Institute, London, 19th July 2009

Invited Speaker, Lunacy Weekend, British Film Institute, London, 18th July 2009

Invited Speaker, The Royal Aeronautical Society, The 40th Anniversary of Apollo 11, 16th July 2009

Studio Guest, The Sky At Night - The Apollo Miracle, BBC FOUR, 11th July 2009

Author Guardian G2 Apollo articles - 3rd July 2009

Guest Guardian Apollo 11 Anniversary Podcast Coverage 2nd-20th July 2009

Invited Speaker, The Scientific & Medical Network, London Group - The Spiritual Gift of Apollo, 11th June 2009

Producer, Moonwalk One - The Director's Cut - launching 15th July 2009

Author - The magic of Apollo, BBC News Online, 15th July 2009

Adjunct Curator, British Film Institute, One Giant Leap, July 2009

Invited speaker, Secret Cinema, Glastonbury Festival, Screening of Moonwalk One - The Director's Cut, 27th June 2009

Invited speaker - The Cheltenham Science Festival6th & 7th June 2009

Invited Speaker, The Dana Centre, Apollo - the 400,000, 3rd June 2009

Author - Apollo 11 owners manual, Haynes June 2009

Author - Rendezvous around the Moon, BBC News Online, 18th May 2009

Invited speaker - British Council Israel - communication science on TV & Radio workshop, May 2009

Consultant - One Small Step - the Australian Story, Freehand Productions, May-June 2009

Consultant - James May on the Moon & James May at the edge of Space, BBC May-June 2009

Co-author with John Olsson - An analysis of the recording of Armstrong's statement on stepping on the Moon in July 1969.

Consultant - One Giant Leap - Wee Stories / Natioanl Theatre of Scotland, May 2009

Invited speaker - The UK Space Conference, 1-4th April 2009

Invited speaker - Royal Aeronautical Society, 25th March 2009

Invited speaker - Belvediere School, Shorpshire, Science Lecture, Apollo - the 400,000, 25th March 2009

Author - Flight of the Spider, BBC News Online, 12th March 2009

Invited speaker - St Peter's School, Birmingham, Science Week lecture, Apollo - the 400,000, 9th March 2009

Invited speaker - Downlands School, Surrey, Science Week lecture, Apollo - the 400,000, 5th March 2009

Invited speaker - British Council Bulgaria - science on TV workshop, February 2009

Invited Speaker - Imperial College, In the Shadow of the Moon, 9th February 2009

Invited speaker - UK Moon Meeting 2009, Open University 2nd February 2009



Author - Happy Birthday Earthrise, BBC News Online

The tenth anniversary of the Space Station, The Today Programme, Radio 4

Artistic Director - The Ideas Foundation - Summer School

Invited Speaker - Cheltenham Science Festival

Author - Apollo 11 owners manual, Haynes

Executive Producer/ Director - Moon Machines, Dox Productions

Story Consultant - When we Left Earth - The NASA Missions, Dangerous Films



Executive Producer/ Director - Moon Machines, Dox Productions

Story Consultant - When we Left Earth - The NASA Missions, Dangerous Films

Story Consultant - Inside the Mind of Stephen Hawking, Darlow Smithson Productions

Co-Producer / AD In the Shadow of the Moon, Dox Productions

Online launch of The Attic Room Ltd

Consultant The Faraday Project, GovEd Communications

Director The life of J.D.Bernal, GovEd/British Association

Producer/Director Jeffery's Story, a teen mini-drama series for Bebo



Co-Producer / AD - In the Shadow of the Moon, DOX

Science Advisor - A for Andromeda, BBC FOUR

Writer/Presenter - The Cosmic Hunters, BBC Radio 4

Guest Lecturer - M.Sc. Science Media Production, Imperial College

Author - View from the Cosmic Shoulder, BBC Online



Co-Producer / AD - In the Shadow of the Moon, DOX

Science Advisor - Quatermass, BBC FOUR

Producer/Director - Rough Science, Series 6, BBC TWO

Development Producer - UK Birth Map, BBC THREE

Invited speaker - 21st Century Trust, Taming the Wind?; Science Policy & Public Perceptions,

Science Consultant - Horizon: Titan; A Place Like Home? BBC TWO

Guest Lecturer - M.Sc. Science Media Production, Imperial College

Guest Lecturer - Lincoln School of Media, University of Lincoln

Guest Lecturer - UK Space School, University of Leicester

Invited Speaker - West London Astronomical Society, Guest Speaker

Invited Speaker - British Rocketry Oral History Programme Annual

Host - Dana Centre, Space Detectives, Probing Saturn's Secrets



On a Bike and a Prayer, the web based story of my 1991 expedition to the High Atlas of Morocco

Producer/Series Producer - Space Odyssey: Voyage to the Planets, BBC ONE

Producer/Director - Space Odyssey: Robot Pioneers, BBC FOUR

Author - Space Odyssey: Voyage to the Planets, BBC Books

Presenter - Space Odyssey Interactive, BBCi

Presenter - Space Odyssey Live, BBC Education

Studio Guest - Blue Peter - An introduction to Space Odyssey, BBC ONE

Author - We Choose to go to the Planets, BBC Online

Author - Pushing the frontiers in TV Space, BBC Online

Guest Lecturer - UK Space School, University of Leicester

Guest Lecturer - M.Sc. Science Media Production, Imperial College

Guest Speaker - British Interplanetary Society, Christmas Lecture

Invited Speaker - BA 2004 Science Festival

Invited Speaker - Association of Astronomy Educators