Chris is a regular speaker both in the UK and internationally - bringing achievements and breakthroughs in astronomy and space flight alive to audiences using interactive demos, extraordinary video clips and stunning images which he's captured over the years.


Current talks: 

Our Exploration Beyond the Earth. 

Illustrated with moving and inspiring clips from his multi-award winning documentary films, this is a story of the bigger picture of our miraculous existence in the Cosmos, and a revealing perspective on individual motivation for success. 

Relive some of the moments in human history when, as a species, we've transcended our Earthly roots and achieved something of Galactic significance; from the first human steps on another world to the hurling of our spacecraft right out of the Solar System. 

Interweaving these extraordinary stories of engineers, who dreamed the impossible and then made it happen, with his own personal experiences of making films about their triumphs, the message of Riley's talk reminds us what matters in life.

Audience: Leadership & motivational talk for adults / young adults. Duration: 60 minutes plus questions



The 400,000

The stories of the men and women across America who made Apollo possible. Drawing on his work for TV series such as "Moon Machines" and his 2009 book - "Apollo 11 - an owner's workshop manual", Chris delves into the extraordinary stories of engineering endeavour which turned the dream of flying to the Moon into a reality.

Audience: Adult / young adult    Duration: 80 minutes plus questions

Fee: POA


The Spiritual Gift of Apollo

For most of us watching from Earth Apollo was far more than an extraordinary engineering triumph. The vision of human beings standing on another world and the reflections and recollections they returned to Earth with meant more to us than the technical details. Drawing on his interviews with the men who flew to the Moon, Chris reminds us of the spiritual legacy of Apollo.

Audience: Adult / young adult    Duration: 60 minutes plus questions

Fee: POA


The Apollo Film Archive

Chris has worked on and off with NASA's substantial film archive since the late 1990s. In this lecture he talks about the history of the archive, its preservation and curation. The talk is illustrated with a selection of film clips which illustrate how he has used the footage in the numerous documentary film's he has been involved in creating from this rich collection.

Audience: Adult / young adult    Duration: 90 minutes plus questions

Fee: POA


In the Shadow of the Moon

The making of this multi-award winning film, from the most revealing interviews ever recorded with the Apollo astronauts, to the meticulously uncovered archive film and sound - reunited for the first time in 40 years. This talk reveals the secrets behind a film which is re-engaging America with the greatest story of the 20th Century.

Audience: Adult / young adult    Duration: 20-30 minutes plus questions. Designed to accompany a screening of the film.

Fee: POA



Space Odyssey - the making of a movie.

A look behind the scenes at the rigorously researched science which inspired the story lines in this blockbuster BBC series, and how the scenes in space and on the surfaces of our neighbouring planets were created, during grueling filming expeditions across our own planet.

Audience: Adult / young adult    Duration: 1 hour    Fee: POA



UK Sport

Presentation to UK Sport's World Class Performance Conference 2013, on the lessons learnt from our exploration beyond Earth. 



The making of 'In the Shadow of the Moon', Kaunas, Lithuanian Science Festival 'Spaceship Earth'. September 2013.


The Cheltenham Science Festival

The Making of First Orbit - Jun 2011


The Manchester Waterside Arts Centre

The Making of First Orbit - Apr 2011


The London Science Museum

The Making of First Orbit - Apr 2011



The Making of First Orbit - Apr 2011


UCL - Apex Talk

The Gift of Apollo - Feb 2011



The Forgotten Films of Apollo - Feb 2011



Apollo's End - Jan 2011


Kingston University

Apollo - the 400,000 - Oct 2010


UCL, London 

Apollo - the 400,000 - Oct 2010


Birmingham Town Hall

Brian Eno's Pre-Concert Talk - Oct 2010


British Interplanetary Society

Apollo - the 400,000 Jun 2010


The Institute of Ideas, London

A Space Age Future? Nov 2009


Battle of Ideas

Science on Screen - not testing enough

Shortwave Cinema, London October 2009


The Science Museum, July Lates

Apollo at FortyJun 2009


The University of Aberdeen

Apollo - the 400,000 Jun 2009


The British National Space Centre

Apollo at Forty Jun 2009


The Royal Aeronautical Society

Apollo - the 400,000 Jun 2009


The Scientific and Medical Network

The Spiritual Gift of Apollo, Jun 2009


The Glastonbury Festival 

The spiritual gifts of Apollo Jun 2009


The Cheltenham Science Festival

Apollo - the 400,000 Jun 2009


The Dana Centre

Fly me to the Moon Jun 2009


British Council

Science Broadcasting workshop May 2009


Glasgow Science Centre 

Apollo - The 400,000 Sep 2008


Science Foo Camp 

The Making of 'In the Shadow of the Moon' Aug 2008


The Draper Labs, Boston, USA 

The Apollo Guidance Computer Sep 2007


C21st Trust, Berlin Conference

Science Policy & Public Perceptions Apr 2005